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Thanks for your interest in Calm Classroom Academy! This engaging and interactive learning experience includes videos, quizzes, discussions and other powerful lessons that will help you better understand to bring mindfulness into your classroom.

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1 Welcome to Calm Classroom Academy

  1. Read: How to Use This Course
  2. Watch: Calm Classroom Overview Video
  3. Discuss: How does the video apply to you, your students and your school community?
  4. Practice: Body Scan
  5. Reflect: Describe any physical sensations that you noticed in your body during and after the technique.

2 Overview & Opening Practice

  1. Watch: What Is Calm Classroom?
  2. Discuss: How does chronic stress impact students and educators?
  3. Read: Lesson Review
  4. Quiz: Calm Classroom & Stress
  5. Learn More: SEL, Breathing & Brain-Breaks

3 What is Mindfulness?

  1. Watch: What Is Mindfulness?
  2. Discuss: Define mindfulness in your own words. How are you already mindful in your daily life?
  3. Watch: Introduction to Feeling The Breath
  4. Practice: Feeling The Breath
  5. Reflect: How did paying attention to your breath affect your thoughts and mental activity?
  6. Read: Lesson Review
  7. Quiz: Calm Classroom & Mindfulness
  8. Learn More: Mindfulness

4 Learning to Teach

  1. Practice: Listening to Sound and Silence
  2. Reflect: What sounds did you notice during the technique? Describe your experience during the moments of silence.
  3. Watch: Learning To Teach
  4. Read: Virtual Learning Best Practices
  5. Read: Lesson Review
  6. Quiz: Learning to Teach

5 A Trauma-Sensitive Approach

  1. Watch: A Trauma-Sensitive Approach
  2. Discuss: How does the topic of trauma relate to you and your school community?
  3. Read: Chronic Trauma & Empathic Distress

6 Behavior Guidance & Program Structure

  1. Watch: Behavior Guidance
  2. Discuss: What is your purpose for bringing Calm Classroom to your students?
  3. Practice: I Am Calm
  4. Reflect: What was it like for you to focus your attention on the words 'I Am Calm'?
  5. Watch: Program Structure
  6. Read: Lesson Review
  7. Quiz: Behavior Guidance & Program Structure

7 Introducing Calm Classroom to Students

  1. Practice: Deep Breathing
  2. Reflect: How did practicing Deep Breathing affect your emotions or mood?
  3. Introducing Calm Classroom to Students

8 How Mindfulness Empowers Us

  1. Watch: How Mindfulness Empowers Us
  2. Practice: Seated Mountain
  3. Reflect: Describe any physical sensations that you noticed in your body during and after the technique.
  4. Video Downloads
  5. Calm Classroom Certificate of Completion
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